Friday, November 18, 2011

  • WHO are you designing your game for? (Include the player's age, abilities, and prior knowledge of your topic.)
  • '''This game is for any group 6-26,
  • WHAT will your game teach the player about your topic? (Be specific!)
  • '''That we need to wake up and, start recycling and trying to clean up our earth.'''
  • WHERE does your game happen?
    • Describe the world you will design for your game.''' My world will be in a ocean specifically the Pacific ocean.One in California and one in Japan.'''
    • How will this setting add to the learning experience? '''Well that's where the issue takes place.'''
  • HOW does your game world teach the player about your topic?
    • What happens in the world that helps the player learn?'''It shows them what's really going on in the ocean and, how a little trash can add up.'''
    • How does the player use what they learned to make something happen in the game?'''
  • WHY is a game a better way of understanding your topic than a quiz?
  • '''Because you can interact and actually get to have fun and learn at the same time.'''

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Match of the Penguins

The challenge do to the penguins have to overcome is the cold migration and starvation. The habitat challenge their livelihood there could be a unexpected cold front and then they are off course. Penguins adaptations that help them survive brutal winters and predators. By, having to adapt to different dangers and climates. There is practically no sunlight because they're on the opposite pole and fish swim deeper down in the water to get warm. Causing the the penguins to swim further for food. The ground has to be solid so that the baby penguins don't fall through the ice during breeding months.