Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Day 1: A faster lobal chane than ever. Jim carley is looking for aliens.

2 - To find what new species have landed.Some are right here on our very feet spreading disease.

3 -Devouring our buildings and more. They will spend one hour on the dock. Looking at his new life.

4-Most them are stowawats and passengers who hitch on our glbal transportation and manuvering over some where else.

5.dirty water is giving people bloody diaherea.

6. There were weeds in the Victoria river clogging it up for fishermen.

7. MANY SPECIES HAVE DIED OFF OR MOVED on to adjust to a diff. habitat

8. The one degree factor
1. an entire pop. of animals are dying in the norht
2. by waisting carbon > WE increased a very hot climate
3. ALaskas temp. has increased 10 ferinheit
4. Caraboo that have been here for 100 years and counting are dying.
5. 60 thousand animals vanished
6. The climate is changing so fast the animals wont have a place to go and without them thw humans won't be here in Alaska.
7. Warmer days mean larger insect problems wich is a problem for caraboo