Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today I had to blog about how I feel about Flash. Well I know it's complicated if you fall back on directions. Or you get lost, but I mean it gets easier once you've done it a couple of times. Flash is a little fun when your making the character's move. I remember the first time we got our carrots to move. Everyone in class was screaming and were filled with glee. The thing that caught my attention was when we had to draw a picture on top another picture then press play and it made a little movie. Flash is actually very fun the people who came up with Fla. are brilliant. But it's very easy to lose work if your careful not to save it. My teacher Mrs. Miller gets on us about that though. I can tell you from experience that if you ever get behind on Fla. when someone is right there it will be miserable. I do play games on my free time,but it's not a Wiki game. But they were Wiki games I would play the Dafari game because it's fun and adventurous. I think the worse part of Fla. is if your bunny wont move.