Thursday, September 30, 2010

-Planet earth notes aprehention understand.

-2,0 00 days shooting 294 locations.

-Traveled to places that we thought never existed .

I was watching a Planet Earth video in my Globaloria class (Technology it is a class that only happens in some states in the United States. I'm in Texas . We learn how to make games in Adobe flash. Now were working on games for conservation. These are the facts that I discovered.) Conservation means to conserve or save--- were always complaining about it's hot . The morewe build smoke and pollute less rainfall we get. HA !!!Many gunshots we being shot.Earth is the only planet to support life. But the animals need more to survive and us to. We lost half of t'he rainforest. The rainforest is the lungs of the earth. The golden frog is extinct by deadly fungi. Humans were doing experiments and some other toads got a loose and was killing other frogs. In artic the polars bears were behaving the way they never seen. They were attacking a walrus. It is vey rare. Ice caps are disappering. THEY ARE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE. We can't deal with the massive incline of dying animals. What will hapen to the gazels????? We need every species because without them we start reducing -------------. How can you save tigers when we have starving people.?! Well feed on more populated animals but try to use the meat wisley. And if you use it PLEASE USE ALL OF IT.We have limitted resources. We have to coose what specoes we have to invest in. This amazing place will disapear in months. Only 12 Amur leopards are in the world now. Problems have been world wide . If we don't consereve our lives are in danger and so is wildlife.