Thursday, October 15, 2009

I learned that addition isn't that easy as it seems.I had numbers like 66 plus 25.[Wich is 99.]
I liked loads of things about the game that I played .One of the things that I liked about my game. Is there was a bee that had a number in it's hand so you had to find the right number to drop the pollen [number.]

Friday, October 2, 2009

For the fisrt six weeks of Technology I learned plenty of things. Like how to make a Gmail.The way you make a Gmail is easy all you do is click and make a account fill in the questions and atart Gmailing! Another thing I learned is how to make a blogger we had many steps so i'll cut to the chase basically we did the same thing we did the same thing we made an account and we filled the quetions and guess what we did...we started blogging. I learned how to blog by going to desktop, clicking New Post and start typing once your done typing you need to click save now and then Pilish Post. I learned what alot of words mean [Tech wise]. Sush as icons, dual -core ,dynamic, auto-run and more.